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LG PTAC units are an economical way to cool and/or heat your room. Easy to install, clean and maintain for years of satisfied use.

Energy Efficient

LG PTAC models have an efficiency rating up to 13.3 EER, which translates into energy savings.


High Efficiency LG Brand Rotary Compressor

Energy efficient and maintenance-free operation.

Separate Indoor & Outdoor BLDC Motors

Dual motor configuration allows for the lowest sound rating, while also promoting the highest level of energy efficiency. (208/230V 2.5 & 3.5 kw only)

Gold Fin™ Anti-Corrosion Protection

Protects the units from the corrosive effects of outside air and extends the operating life. The patented process is standard on ALL LG PTAC models.

Ultra Quiet Operation

Ultra-quiet operation is the hallmark of LG’s line of PTAC products. Low decibel levels and a soothing tone means the LG PTAC is your best choice for a quiet environment.


LG PTACs have a stylish design. The sleek design adds to the beauty of your surroundings and blends in nicely with your room décor.

Wide Choice of Capacities

LG offers a range of smart solutions that are quiet, cost efficient, and attractive. Available in a choice of capacities from 7,000 – 15,000 BTUs, in both Heat/Cool and Heat Pump models, with either 208/230V or 265V applications.

Optional Digital Wired and Wireless Thermostats

Affordable Comfort Control with features like high and low speed fan, heating and cooling set-point limits and room temperature calibration adjustment

42” Industry Standard Size

Industry standard size makes installation easy and economical, whether for new construction or replacement of existing units.

Digital Control Display

Standard on all current LG PTAC models. Temperature Display is precise, easy to read and ADA compliant. Auto Changeover from cool to heat is available with the use of an LG wall-mounted thermostat.

Ventilation Filter

Polymeric mesh filters allow clean, fresh air into the living space. The filters can be cleaned using mild soap and water, and are suitable for Hospitality, Assisted Living, and Residential applications.

Defrost Control

For Heat Pump models only, shuts down the indoor fan to prevent cold air from being blown into the room. Also removes frost from outdoor coil when the outdoor temperature is low.

Pressure Control

Protects guests from over-heating by shutting down compressor on abnormally high temperature conditions.

Emergency Heat

Available in Heat Pump models only, bypasses compressor operation and activates the ceramic or coil heater during periods of extreme cold. Promotes high level of guest comfort.

Freeze Room Protection

Electronic temperature controls constantly monitor and maintain indoor temperature to prevent freezing.

Dip Switch Temperature Limits

Saves money by controlling the Lowest and Highest temperature settings. By adjusting the dip-switch settings, there are several options on the cooling and heating temperature limits to save on energy usage.

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